/ 5tClEreIt; `tBlE9ret/ v
[Tn, Tsg] allow (sth that one dislikes or disagrees with) without interfering 容忍(不喜欢或不赞成的某事物): a government which refuses to tolerate opposition 不容有人反对的政府 * I won't tolerate such behaviour/your behaving in this way. 我不能容忍这种行为[你这样做].
[Tn] endure (sb/sth) without protesting 忍受(某人[某事]): How can you tolerate that awful woman? 你怎麽能忍得了那可恶的女人? * tolerate heat, noise, pain, etc well 很能忍受炎热﹑ 吵闹﹑ 痛苦等.
[Tn] (medical 医) be able to take (a drug, etc) or undergo (a treatment) without harm 能服用(药等); 能经受(治疗): The body cannot tolerate such large amounts of radiation. 身体经不住那麽大剂量的放射线.
> tolerable / 5tClErEbl; `tBlErEbl/ adj
1 that can be tolerated; endurable 可容忍的; 可忍受的: The heat was tolerable at night but suffocating during the day. 在夜间尚能忍受这种高温, 但白天就令人感到呼吸困难.
2 fairly good; passable 尚好的; 还可以的: tolerable weather 还算好的天气 * in tolerable health 尚算健康 * We had a very tolerable (ie excellent) lunch. 我们吃了顿很不错的午饭. tolerably / -EblI; -EblI/ adv in a moderate degree; fairly well 相当地; 尚好: feel tolerably (ie almost completely) certain about sth 觉得对某事相当有把握 * He plays the piano tolerably well. 他弹钢琴弹得还不错.
tolerance / 5tClErEns; `tBlErEns/ n 1 [U] willingness or ability to tolerate sb/sth 容忍; 忍受; 宽容: religious/racial tolerance 宗教[种族]上的宽容 * As the addict's tolerance increases, he requires ever larger doses of the drug. 嗜毒者由於对药物的耐受性增加了, 因而需要更大剂量的毒品. 2 [C, U] (engineering 工) amount by which the size, weight, etc of a part can vary without causing problems 容许偏差; 公差; 容限: working to a tolerance of 0.0001 of an inch/to very fine tolerances 加工至公差0.0001英寸[极小].
tolerant / -rEnt; -rEnt/ adj ~ (of/towards sb/sth) having or showing tolerance 容忍的; 忍受的; 宽容的: I'm a tolerant man but your behaviour is more than I can bear. 我是个能忍的人, 但你的行为我已忍无可忍. * Her own mistakes made her very tolerant of/towards (the faults of) others. 她因自己有错误, 对别人(的错误)就概不计较了. tolerantly adv.
toleration / 9tClE5reIFn; 9tBlE`reFEn/ n [U] action or practice of tolerating (tolerate1, 2) 容忍; 忍受; 宽容.