/ 5tRIlIt; `tRIlIt/ n
[C] (room containing a) lavatory厕所; 卫生间; 盥洗室; 恭桶: Can you tell me where the toilets are? 您能告诉我洗手间在哪儿吗? =>Usage 见所附用法.
[U] (dated 旧) process of washing and dressing oneself, arranging one's hair, etc 化妆; 梳洗; 打扮: [attrib 作定语] a `toilet set 一套梳妆用具 * `toilet articles, ie hairbrushes, combs, hand-mirrors, etc 梳妆用具(发刷﹑ 梳子﹑ 手镜等).
> toiletries / 5tRIlItrIz; `tRIlEtrIz/ n [pl] (in shops) articlesor products used in washing, dressing, etc (商店中的)化妆用品.
# `toilet-paper n [U] paper for use in a lavatory 卫生纸; 手纸.
`toilet-roll n roll of toilet-paper 卫生纸卷; 手纸卷.
`toilet-train v [Tn esp passive 尤用於被动语态] train (a child) to control its urination and defecation and to use a lavatory 训练(孩子)控制大小便和上厕所: She isn't toilet-trained yet. 她还没学过用厕所. `toilet-training n [U].
`toilet water scented water for use on the skin, esp after washing 花露水.
NOTE ON USAGE 用法: In British English the toilet in private houses is called the lavatory, toilet, WC (dated), or loo (informal). 在英式英语中, 私人住宅中的厕所称为the lavatorytoiletWC(已陈旧)或loo(用於口语). In public places it is called the Gents/the Ladies or public conveniences. 公共场所的厕所称为the Gents/the Ladiespublic conveniences. In US English it is called the lavatory, toilet or bathroom in private houses and the washroom or rest-room in public buildings. 在美式英语中私人住宅中的厕所称为the lavatorytoiletbathroom, 在公共建筑物中的称为the washroomrest-room.