/ 5tImbE(r); `tImbL/ n
(US lumber) [U] wood prepared for use in building or carpentry (建筑或木工用的)木材, 木料: dressed timber, ie sawn, shaped and planed ready for use 刨好的木材 * [attrib 作定语] a `timber-merchant 木材商 * a `timber-yard, ie where timber is stored, bought and sold, etc 木材场.
[U] trees suitable for this 用材林: standing (ie growing) timber 未伐的树木 * cut down/fell timber 伐木 * put a hundred acres of land under timber, ie plant it with trees 种植一百英亩用材林.
[C] piece of wood, esp a beam, used in constructing a house or ship (造房屋或船用的)木料, (尤指)大梁: roof/floor timbers 房檩[地板龙骨].
> timber interj (used as a warning that a tree is about to fall after being cut 伐木工在树木将倒时示警的呼喊声).
timbered / 5tImbEd; `tImbLd/ adj
1 (of buildings) built of wooden beams or with a framework of these (指建筑物)木造的, 木结构的.
2 (of land) planted with trees; wooded (指土地)生长着树木的, 有林木的.
# `timber-line n [sing] = tree-line (tree).
`timber-wolf n large grey wolf of N America (北美产的)大灰狼.