/ taIl; taIl/ n
slab of baked clay or other material used in rows for covering roofs, walls, floors, etc (盖屋顶﹑ 贴墙﹑ 铺地等用的)瓦, 瓷砖, 板, 片: covered the wall in cork tiles 用软木板贴墙 * insulated the ceiling with expanded polystyrene tiles 用多孔聚苯乙烯板使天花板保温 * carpet tiles, ie carpet sold in small squares for laying in rows 小方地毯. =>illus at App 1 见附录1插图, page vii.
any of the small flat pieces used in certain board games (某些用棋盘进行之游戏的)棋子.
(idm 习语) on the `tiles (sl 俚) enjoying oneself away from home in a wild or drunken way 在外狂欢或纵酒作乐.
> tile n [Tn] cover (a surface) with tiles 用瓦﹑ 瓷砖等覆盖(某物表面): a tiled bathroom 铺瓷砖的浴室.