/ taIt; taIt/ adj (-er, -est)
fixed, fastened or drawn together firmly; hard to move or undo 牢的; 紧的; 不松动的; 难解开的: a tight knot 系紧的结 * I can't get the cork out of the bottle it's too tight. 我无法把瓶塞拔出来--太紧了. * The drawer is so tight I can't open it. 这抽屉太紧了, 我打不开. * keep a tight hold on the rope 紧紧抓住绳子.
(a) fitting closely 紧密相合的: a tight joint 紧密的接合处 * These shoes are too tight for me. 这双鞋我穿着太紧. * a tight ship, ie one that does not leak 不漏水的船 * tight (ie strict) controls 严密的控制. (b) (in compound adjs 用以构成复合形容词) made so that a specified thing cannot get in or out 不漏的; 不透的:`airtight * `watertight.
(a) with things or people arrangedclosely 紧密的; 密集的: a tight mass of fibres 很紧的一团纤维 * a tight schedule, ie leaving little time to spare 紧凑的日程安排. (b) (of a game, etc) evenly contested (指比赛等)势均力敌的: a tight race, match, contest, etc 棋鼓相当的赛跑﹑ 比赛﹑ 竞争等.
fully stretched; taut ?紧的; 拉紧的: a tight rope, belt, rein, etc 拉紧的绳子﹑ 带子﹑ ?绳等 * My chest feels rather tight, eg because of asthma. 我觉得胸闷憋气(如因哮喘所致).
[usu pred 通常作表语] (infml 口) drunk 喝醉酒: got a bit tight at the party 在聚会上喝得有些醉.
(finance 财) (a) (of money) not easy to obtain, eg on loan from banks (指钱)难得到的(如银行贷款). (b) (of the money market) in which credit is severely restricted (指金融市场)银根紧的.
(infml 口) stingy; miserly 小气的; 抠搜; 吝啬的: She's tight with her money. 她在钱上特别抠唆.
(idm 习语) keep a tight `rein on sb/sth allow little freedom to sb/sth 对某人[某事物]严加约束. a ,tight `squeeze cramped or crowded situation 密集; 拥挤: We managed to get all the luggage into the car but it was a tight squeeze. 我们总算把行李都塞进汽车里了, 不过挤得要命.
> tight adv
1 tightly 紧; 紧紧地; 牢牢地 (not used beforea past participle: packed tight but tightly packed 过去分词之前不用tight而用tightly: packed tight及tightly packed): Hold tight! 抓紧了!
2 (idm 习语) sit tight => sit. sleep tight => sleep2.
tighten / 5taItn; `taItn/ v 1 [I, Ipr, Ip, Tn, Tn.pr, Tn.p] ~ (sth) (up) (a) (cause sth to) become tight or tighter (使某物)变紧: This screw needs tightening. 这螺钉需再拧紧些. * tighten (up) the ropes 拉紧绳子 * He tightened his grip on her arm. 他紧抓住她的手臂. (b) (cause sth to) become stricter (使某事)变得更严格: Controls have gradually tightened. 控制逐渐加强. * tighten up security 使安全措施更严密. 2 (idm 习语) loosen/tighten the purse-strings => purse. tighten one's `belt eat less food, spend less money, etc because there is littleavailable 勒紧腰带(省吃俭用): The management warnedof the need for further belt-tightening, ie economy. 资方提醒有必要进一步节约. 3 (phr v) tighten up (on sth) become more careful, vigilant or strict 变得更小心﹑ 警惕或严格: The police are tightening up on drunken driving. 警方目前采取严厉手段对付醉酒驾车行为.
tightly adv in a tight manner 紧紧地; 紧密地: squeeze sb tightly 紧紧地拥抱某人 * tightly sealed 密封的.
tightness n [U].
# ,tight-`fisted adj stingy; miserly 吝啬的; 小气的.
,tight-`lipped adj keeping the lips pressed firmly together,esp to restrain one's emotion or to keep silent; grim-looking 双唇紧闭的(尤指克制感情或保持沉默); 表情冷酷的.