/ taId; taId/ n
(a) [C, U] regular rise and fall in the level of the sea, caused by the attraction of the moon and sun 潮; 潮汐: spring/neap (ie maximum/minimum) tides []潮 * at high/low tide 在高[]潮时. (b) [C] water moved by this 潮水: We were cut off by the tide. 我们让潮水截住了. * The tide is (coming) in/(going) out. 正在涨[]潮. * driftwood washed up by the tide(s) 被潮水冲上来的浮木 * Swimmers should beware of strong tides. 游泳的人要提防汹涌的潮水.
[C usu sing 通常作单数] direction in which opinion, events, luck, etc seem to move; trend (舆论﹑ 事件﹑ 运气等的)潮流, 趋势, 动向: a rising tide of discontent 不满情绪的不断增涨 * The tide turned in our favour. 形势变得对我们有利.
[U] (arch 古) (in compounds 用以构成复合词) season季; 时: `yule-tide * `Whitsuntide.
(idm 习语) go, swim,etc with/against the stream/tide => stream. time and tide wait for no man => time1.
> tide v (phr v) tide sb over (sth) help sb through (a difficult period) by providing what he needs (通过提供所需)帮助某人渡过(困难时期): Will you lend me some money to tide me over until I get my pay cheque? 你能否借给我点儿钱, 帮我维持到发薪时?
# `tide-mark n
1 mark made by the tide water at its highest point on a beach, etc (沙滩等处潮水留下的)高潮痕.
2 (joc 谑) (a) line between washed and unwashedparts of sb's body (身上洗到的和没洗到的部位之间的)垢痕. (b) line left on a bath by the dirty water (污水留在浴盆上的)垢痕.
`tide-table n list showing the times of high tide at a place 潮汐表.
`tideway n (a) channel where a tide runs 潮汐水道; 潮路. (b) tidal part of a river (河流的)感潮段.