/ 5WreFhEUld; `WrZFhold/ n
piece of wood or stone forming the bottom of a doorway 门槛.
entrance of a house, etc (房屋等的)门口: cross the threshold, ie enter 跨过门槛(进入).
(usu sing 通常作单数) (fig 比喻) point of entering or beginning sth 入门; 起点; 开端: He was on the threshold of his career. 他的事业刚刚起步. * at the threshold of a new era in medicine 医学领域新时代的开端.
(medical or psychology 医或心) limit below which a person does not react to a stimulus 阈: above/below the threshold of consciousness 阈上[]知觉 * have a high/low pain threshold, ie be able to endure much/little pain, eg during illness 有很高[]的痛觉阈.