/ Wred; WrZd/ n
[C, U] (length of) spun cotton, wool, silk, etc; thin strand of nylon, etc (一段)棉﹑ 毛﹑ 丝等线; 细股尼龙等: loose threads 未捻紧的线 * a needle and thread, ie for sewing 针线(用於缝纫的) * a robe embroidered with gold thread 用金线?的长袍.
[C] ~ (of sth) (fig 比喻) very thin thing resembling a thread 细如线状的东西: fine threads of red in the marble 大理石上的红色线状花纹 * A thread of light emerged from the keyhole. 从钥匙孔透出一线亮光.
[C] (fig 比喻) line of thought connecting parts of a story, etc (贯穿故事等各部分的)线索, 脉络: pick/take up the thread(s), ie continue after an interruption 接上 线(中断後的联系) * The chairman gathered up the threads of the debate, ie summarized what had been said. 主席把辩论中的各种意见概括了一下.
[C] spiral ridge of a screw or bolt 螺纹. =>illus at screw 见screw插图.
threads [pl] (US sl 俚) clothes 衣物; 衣服.
(idm 习语) hang by a hair/a single thread => hang1. lose the thread => lose.
> thread v
1 [Tn, Tn.pr] (a) pass thread, string, etcthrough (sth) 将线﹑ 细绳﹑ 带子等穿过(某物); 纫: threada needle (with cotton) (用线)纫针. (b) put (beads, etc) on a thread, etc 将(珠子等)穿在线等上: threading pearls (on a string) to make a necklace 把珍珠穿(在绳)上做项链.
2 [Tn, Tn.pr, Tn.p] pass (film, tape, string, etc) through sth and into the required position for use 将(影片﹑ 带子﹑ 绳子等)穿过某物置於备用位置: thread film in(to a projector) 把影片装进(放映机里)去 * thread the wire through (the pulley) 把金属丝穿进(滑轮)去.
3 (idm 习语) thread one's way through (sth) go carefully or with difficulty through (sth) 小心地穿过或挤过(某物): threading my way through the crowded streets (我)小心地穿过拥挤的街道.
`threadlike adj resembling a thread; long and slender 如线般的; 细长的: threadlike strands of glass fibre 线一般细的玻璃纤维.
# `threadbare / -beE(r); -9bZr/ adj 1 (of cloth, clothing,etc) worn thin; shabby (指织物﹑ 衣服等)磨薄的, 破旧的: a threadbare carpet, coat 破烂的地毯﹑ 大衣. 2 (fig 比喻) too often used or too well known to be effective; hackneyed 因经常使用或尽人皆知而无效力的; 陈腐的: a threadbare argument, joke, plot 陈旧的论点﹑ 笑话﹑ 情节.