/ 5WQrE; [email protected] 5WQrEU; `WQro/ adj
(a) [usu attrib 通常作定语] done completely and with great attention to detail; not superficial 彻底的; 完全的; 细致的; 深入的: aim to provide a thorough training in all aspects of the work 旨在为这项工作提供各方面的严格训练 * give the room a thorough cleaning 把房间彻底打扫一番. (b) doing things in this way 做事彻底的﹑ 全面的﹑ 细致的或深入的: He's a slow worker but very thorough. 他做事慢, 但非常仔细.
[attrib 作定语] (derog 贬) utter; complete 十足的; 彻头彻尾的: That woman is a thoroughnuisance. 那个女人讨厌透了. > thoroughly adv: The work had not been done very thoroughly. 这工作做得不太彻底. * He's a thoroughly nice person. 他是个大好人.* I'm thoroughly fed up with you. 我觉得你烦透了. thoroughness n [U].
# `thoroughgoing adj [attrib 作定语] thorough(1a, 2)做事彻底的﹑ 全面的﹑ 细致的或深入的: a thoroughgoingrevision 认真仔细的校订 * It was all a thoroughgoing waste of time. 那完全是浪费时间.