/ Wi:f; Wif/ n (pl thieves / Wi:vz; Wivz/)
person who steals, esp secretly and without violence 贼; 小偷; 窃贼. Cf 参看 burglar, robber (rob).
(idm 习语) honour among thieves => honour1. like a thief in the night without being seen or expected; furtively 偷偷摸摸的; 鬼鬼祟祟的. procrastination is the thief of time => procrastination (procrastinate). ,set a ,thief to `catch a thief (saying 谚) a person who has been a criminal is the best person to catch or prevent another person of the same type 用贼捉贼; 以毒攻毒. thick as thieves => thick.
> thieve / Wi:v; Wiv/ v (a) [I] be a thief 做贼; 当小偷: a life of thieving 终生行窃 * (joc 谑) Take your thieving hands off my radio! 你那双贼手别碰我的收音机! (b) [Tn] steal (sth) 偷窃(某物).
thievery / 5Wi:vErI; `WivErI/ n [U] stealing; theft 偷窃; 做贼.
thievish adj having the character or habits of a thief 有偷窃行为或习惯的. thievishly adv.