/ 5tekstFE(r); `tZkstFL/ n
[C, U] way a surface, substance or fabric looks or feels to the touch, ie its thickness, firmness, roughness, etc (一物体表面﹑ 物质或织物的)质地, 外观, 手感(如厚薄﹑ 软硬﹑ 粗细等): the delicate texture of her skin 她细嫩的皮肤 * cement with a fine/coarse texture 光滑的[粗糙的]水泥面 *The cake has a nice light texture. 这蛋糕松软可口.
arrangement of the threads in a fabric (织物的)疏密, 松紧: cloth with a loose/close texture 质地疏松[紧密]的布.
> textured adj (esp in compounds 尤用以构成复合词) having a distinct or specified texture 有独特或所示之外观或质地的: textured (ie not smooth) wallpaper 起纹的壁纸 * The walls have a textured finish. 墙壁上有织纹状饰面. * ,coarse-`textured 质地粗糙的.