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holding of (eg political) office or land or other property, etc (职位, 如政治地位, 土地或其他资产等的)保有.
period or manner of this (上述事物的)保有期, 保有状况, 保有权, 保有条件: The tenure of the US Presidency is four years.美国总统的任期是四年. * freehold/leasehold tenure 无限期完全保有的[租赁保有的]状况 * security of tenure, ie the right to remain as a tenant 承租人使用权的保障.
(esp US) permanent appointment as a teacher, etc in a university or some other institution (大学或其他机构中教师等的)长期聘用: granted tenure after six years 六年之後受长期聘用.