1 / 5tendE(r); `tZndL/ adj
easily damaged or hurt; delicate 易受伤害的; 脆弱的; 纤弱的: tender blossoms, plants, shoots, etc, eg that can be harmed by frost 娇嫩的花﹑ 树木﹑ 幼芽等(如易遭霜冻).
painful when touched; sensitive 有触痛的; 敏感的: My leg is still very tender where it was bruised. 我腿上碰伤的部位仍有触痛. * That's a rather tender subject, ie one that must be dealt with carefully to avoid hurting people's feelings. 那是个相当敏感的问题(须小心处理以免伤人感情者).
easily moved to pity or sympathy; kind 心肠软的; 善良的: a tender heart 软心肠.
loving; gentle 亲切的; 温和的; 文雅的: tender looks 温和的表情 * tender loving care 悉心﹑ 亲切的照顾 * be a tender parent 做慈母 * bid sb a tender farewell 与某人亲切地道别.
(of meat) easy to chew; not tough (指肉)嫩的, 易咀嚼的, 柔软的.
(idm 习语) at a tender `age/of tender `age young and immature 年幼而未成熟的.
> tenderize, -ise / 5tendEraIz; `tZndE9raIz/ v [Tn] make (meat) more tender (eg by beating it) 使(肉)变软(如经捶打): tenderized steak 捶软的肉排.
tenderly adv.
tenderness n [U].
# `tenderfoot n (pl -foots) newcomer who is unused to hardships; inexperienced person 尚未习惯於吃苦的新来者; 无经验者; 生手.
,tender-`hearted adj having a kind and gentle nature; tender(4) 生性善良的; 仁慈的.
`tenderloin n [U] (also ,tenderloin `steak) (esp US) most tender middle part of a loin of beef or pork (牛或猪的腰部中间的)嫩腰肉, 里脊. Cf 参看 undercut1.