/ 5teknIkl; `tZknIkl/ adj
[usu attrib 通常作定语] of or involving the mechanical arts and applied sciences 技术的; 应用科学的: a technical school 技术学校 * a technical education 技术教育.
[usu attrib 通常作定语] of a particular subject, art or craft, or itstechniques 专科的; 艺术的; 工艺的; 技艺的; 技巧的: thetechnical terms of chemistry 化学专业术语 * the technical difficulties of colour printing 彩色印刷的技术难题 * a musician with great technical skill but not much feeling 技巧?熟但缺少情感的音乐家.
(of a book, etc) requiring specialized knowledge; using technical terms (指书等)要求有专门知识的, 使用术语的, 专业的: The article is rather technical in places. 这篇论文中有些地方相当专业化.
[attrib 作定语] in a strict legal sense 严格按法律意义的: technical assault 法律上成立的人身攻击.
> technicality / 9teknI5klEtI; 9tZknI`kAlEtI/ n
1 technical term or point 术语; 专业上的细节: The book is full of scientific technicalities. 这本书里尽是科学术语. * The lawyer explained the legal technicalities to his client. 律师给委托人解释法律上的要点.
2 detail of no real importance 不重要的细节: a mere technicality 无足轻重的细节.
technically / -klI; -klI/ adv 1 with reference to thetechnique displayed 技术上; 技巧上; 专门地: Technicallythe building is a masterpiece, but few people like it. 就技术而言那座建筑物是杰作, 但却没人喜欢. 2 according to a precise interpretation of the laws, meaning of words, etc; strictly 准确地按照法律﹑ 词义等的解释; 严格地: Although technically (speaking) you may not have lied, you certainly haven't told us the whole truth. 尽管严格来说你没算撒谎, 但肯定你并没把实情都告诉我们.
# `technical college (Brit) college offering students further education in technical and other subjects after they have left school 技术学院.
,technical `hitch breakdown caused by a mechanical fault 技术故障.