/ tB:sk; [email protected] tAsk; tAsk/ n
piece of (esp hard or unpleasant) work that has to be done 必须做的工作(尤指困难的或讨厌的); 任务: holiday tasks 假期作业 * I set myself the task of chopping up the firewood. 我给自己安排了劈柴的任务. * perform the gruesome task of identifying the dead bodies 执行辨认屍体这一可怕的任务 * Becoming fluent in a foreign language is no easy task, ie is difficult. 熟练地掌握一门外语是一项艰苦的工作. =>Usage at work1 用法见work1.
(idm 习语) take sb to task (about/for/over sth) rebuke or criticize sb 指责或批评某人: I was taken to task for arriving late. 我因迟到而受批评. * She took the government to task over its economic record. 她批评政府的经济劣迹.
> task v [Tn.pr esp passive 尤用於被动语态] ~ sb with sth give sth to sb as a task 将某事作为任务交与某人: tasked with the design of a new shopping centre 被派给设计新购物中心的任务.
# `task force group of people and resources specially organized for a particular (esp military) task 特派组; 特遣部队.
`taskmaster (fem 阴性作 `taskmistress) n person who is strict in making others work hard 监工: a hard taskmaster 严厉的监工.