/ 5tAlEnt; `tAlEnt/ n
[C, U] ~ (for sth) (instance of) special or very great ability 特殊的能力; 才能; 才干; 天才: Her talents are well known. 人人都知道她很有才干. * possess a remarkable talent for music 具有非凡的音乐天才 * a painter of great talent 天才的画家.
[U] people who have this 有才能的人; 天才; 人才: We're always looking for new/fresh talent. 我们总是不断寻找新的天才. * an exhibition of local talent, eg of works by local amateur artists 当地人才作品展(如当地业余艺术家的作品展) * [attrib 作定语] a television talent show, ie one featuring talented young performers 电视新秀展播.
[U] (sl 俚) sexually attractive people 性感的人: eyeing up the local talent 盯着看当地的漂亮人.
[C] unit of money or measure of weight used in ancient times in certain countries 泰伦(古代某些国家使用的货币或重量单位).
> talented adj having talent; gifted 有才能的; 有才干的; 天才的: a talented musician 天才的音乐家.
talentless adj without talent; not talented 无才能的; 无才干的; 平庸的.
`talent-scout n person whose job is to find talented performers for the entertainment industry, sports teams, etc 星探(为娱乐业﹑ 运动队等寻找人才者).