/ sR:d; sRrd/ n
weapon with a long thin metal blade and a protected handle (用作武器有防护手柄的)剑, 刀: draw/sheathe one's sword, ie take it out of/put it into its sheath 把剑拔出[插入鞘中].
(idm 习语) cross swords => cross2. fire and sword => fire1. the pen is mightier than the sword => pen1. put sb to the `sword (dated or rhet 旧或修辞) kill sb with a sword 用刀或剑杀死某人. a sword of `Damocles/ 5dAmEkli:z; `dAmE9kliz/ (fml 文) something unpleasant,dreadful, etc that seems to be about to happen to sb, and causes a feeling of apprehension and imminent danger 达摩克勒斯剑(比喻某人将有祸事临头): The possibility of losing her job hung over her like a sword of Damocles all last year. 去年她一直提心吊胆生怕失去工作.
# `sword-dance n dance between and over swords placed on the ground, or one in which swords are waved or clashed 剑舞(在置於地上的剑之间起舞, 或舞剑或使其铿锵作声).
`swordfish n large sea-fish with an extremely long thin pointed upper jaw 剑鱼(大海鱼, 上颌突出如剑).
`sword-play n [U] fighting with swords 剑术.
`swordsman / -zmEn; -zmEn/ n (pl -men) manskilled in the use of a sword 剑客; 击剑运动员: a good, poor, etc swordsman 优秀的﹑ 差劲的...击剑运动员. `swordsmanship / -mEnFIp; -mEn9FIp/ n [U].
`sword-stick n hollow walking-stick concealing a blade that can be used as a sword 二人夺(内藏刀剑的手杖).