/ swel; swZl/ v (pt swelled / sweld; swZld/, pp swollen / 5swEUlEn; `swolEn/ or swelled)
(a) [I, Ipr, Ip, Tn esp passive 尤用於被动语态, Tn.pr esp passive 尤用於被动语态, Tn.p esp passive 尤用於被动语态] ~(to sth); ~ (sth) (up) (with sth) (cause sth to) becomelarger or bulge outwards, eg because of pressure from inside (使某物)膨胀, 肿胀: Wood often swells when wet. 木材潮湿後往往会膨胀. * My eyes swelled with tears. 我的眼睛里含着泪. * His face was swollen (up) with toothache. 他的脸因牙痛而肿了起来. * limping because of a swollen ankle 因脚腕儿发肿而一瘸一拐地走. (b) [I, Ip, Tn, Tn.p] ~ (sth) (out) (cause sth to) curve outwards; billow (使某物)凸出, 隆起; 鼓起: The sails swelled (out) in the wind. 船帆在风中鼓起. * The wind swelled (out) the sails. 风把船帆刮得鼓起来了.
[I, Ipr, Tn, Tn.pr esp passive 尤用於被动语态] ~ (into/to sth); ~ sth (to sth) (with sth) (cause sth to) become greater in intensity, number, amount or volume (使某物)增强, 增多, 增大: The group of onlookers soon swelled (in)to a crowd. 旁观的人很快聚集起一大群. * The murmur swelled into a roar. 窃窃私语的声音变大形成一片喧哗. * Small extra costs all swell the total. 零星的额外费用积少成多使总数增大了. * The river was swollen with flood water. 洪水到来後河水上涨了.
[I, Ipr, Tn, Tn.pr] ~ (sth) (with sth) (of a person, his heart, etc) feel like bursting with emotion (指人﹑ 内心等)感情迸发, 情绪高涨: His breast/heart swelled with pride at his achievement. 他有了成绩而沾沾自喜.
(idm 习语) have a swelled/swollen `head (infml 口) be conceited, esp because of a sudden success 自负; (尤指因突然成功)冲昏头脑.
> swell n [U, sing]
1 slow heaving of the sea with waves that do not break 海面的缓慢起伏(有浪而无浪花): feel seasick in the heavy swell 在猛烈起伏的海面上感到晕船.
2 (music 音) gradual increase in the volume of sound (音量的)逐渐增强.
swell adj (US infml 口) 1 fashionable or smart 时髦的; 漂亮的: You look swell in that dress! 你穿着那件连衣裙真漂亮! 2 excellent; first-rate 极好的; 第一流的: a swell vacation, player, guy 极好的假期﹑ 选手﹑ 小伙子 * That's swell! 真棒!