/ sE5spIFEs; sE`spIFEs/ adj
~ (about/of sth/sb) having or showing suspicion 有疑心的; 表示怀疑的: a suspicious look, attitude 怀疑的样子﹑ 态度 * I'm very suspicious about her motives. 我对她的动机甚为怀 疑. * He is suspicious of (ie does not trust) strangers. 他不信任陌生人.
causing suspicion 引起怀疑的; 可疑的: a suspicious action, remark 可疑的行动﹑ 言语 * a suspicious character, ie sb who may be dishonest 不可靠的人 * It's very suspicious that she was in the house when the crime happened. 案发时她在房子里, 此点非常可疑. > suspiciously adv: acting suspiciously 形迹可疑 * Everything was suspiciously quiet. 一切静得离奇.