/ sE5spenFn; sE`spZnFEn/ n
[U] suspending or being suspended 悬挂; 悬浮; 暂停; 延缓; 停职: the suspension of a rule, law, etc 规则﹑ 法令等的暂停实施 * the suspension of a pupil from school 对一名学生的停学处分 * She appealed against her suspension. 她对被停职一事已进行上诉.
[U] system of parts (eg springs and shock absorbers) by which a vehicle is supported on its axles (车辆的)悬挂装置(如弹簧及减震器): The poor suspension gives a rather bumpy ride. 因悬挂装置性能差, 行驶时很颠簸. =>illus at App 1 见附录1插图, page xii.
[C, U] (state of a) liquid containing tiny particles of solid matter floating in it 悬浮(液): medicine in powder form held in suspension, ie to be taken by drinking 药粉悬浮剂(口服用).
# su`spension bridge bridge suspended from steel cables supported by towers at each end 悬索桥; 吊桥. =>illus at bridge 见bridge插图.