/ sE5septEbl; sE`sZptEbl/ adj
~ to sth [pred 作表语] easily influenced or harmed by sth 易受某事物影响或损害: highly susceptible to flattery 听几句好话就忘乎所以 * plants that are not susceptible to disease 不易受病害侵袭的植物.
easily influenced by feelings; impressionable 易受感情影响的; 易受影响的: a nave person with a susceptible nature 幼稚而无主见的人 * He's so susceptible that she easily gained his affection. 他易受感情影响, 所以她很轻易地就得到了他的爱.
~ of sth [pred 作表语] (fml 文) that can undergo sth; capable of sth 能经受某事物; 有某种能力: Is your statement susceptible of proof? 你的说法能加以证实吗?
> susceptibility / sE9septE5bIlEtI; sE9sZptE`bIlEtI/ n
1 [U] ~ (to sth) state of being susceptible 易受影响或损害的状况: take advantage of her susceptibility 利用她在感情上的脆弱 * susceptibility to persuasion 容易被言词打动的特性.
2 susceptibilities [pl] person's feelings, considered as being easily hurt 感情(之脆弱处): Do nothing to offend her susceptibilities. 不要伤害她的感情.