/ FR:(r); [email protected] FUEr; FJr/ adj (-r, -st)
[pred 作表语] ~ (of/about sth); ~ that...; ~ what, etc... not doubting or seeming to doubt what one believes, knows, etc; confident that one is right 无疑; 确实; 自信; 有把握: I think he's coming, but I'm not quite sure. 我想他会来的, 但是不太有把握. * I'm not sure when I saw her last. 我不能确定上一次看见她是什麽时候. * Are you sure of your facts? 你能肯定你的资料属实吗? * If you're not sure how to do it, ask me. 假若你拿不准怎样做, 就来问我好了. * Can we be sure that she's honest? 我们能相信她是诚实的吗? * I think the answer's right but I'm not absolutely sure about it. 我认为这答案是正确的, 但是没有绝对的把握. * Jane is reliable, but I'm not so sure about Jim. 简是信得过的, 至於吉姆, 我就不敢说了. * She felt sure that she had done the right thing. 她确信自己做得对.
[pred 作表语] ~ of sth certain to receive, win, etc sth 一定会获得﹑ 赢得...某事物: You're sure of a warm welcome. 你一定会受到热烈欢迎的. * Can I be sure of a profit if I invest? 我要是投资, 肯定能获利吗? * You're sure of passing the exam if you work hard. 只要用功, 就一定能考及格.
~ to do sth definitely going to do sth; certain to do sth 肯定要做某事的; 一定做某事的: It's sure to rain. 肯定要下雨. * You're sure to fail if you do it that way. 你那样做一定失败.
undoubtedly true 无可置疑的; 千真万确的: in the sure and certain knowledge of her guilt 在确确实实知道她有罪的情况下 * One thing is sure: we've won a great victory! 有一点是确切无疑的: 我们已取得了巨大的胜利! =>Usage at certain 用法见certain.
(usu attrib 通常作定语) proven and reliable; trustworthy 经证明可靠的; 可信的: no sure remedy for a cold 没有包治感冒的灵丹妙药 * There's only one sure way to do it. 做此事只有一种万全之策. * She has always been a sure friend. 她一直就是靠得住的朋友.
not deviating or wavering; steady and confident 不偏离的; 不动摇的; 稳而有信心的: She drew the outline with a sure hand. 她笔力雄健地画出了轮廓.
(idm 习语) be sure to do sth; be sure and do sth don't fail to do sth 务必做某事: Be sure (to write) and tell me all your news. 务必(来信)把你的所有情况都告诉我. for sure (infml 口) without doubt 无疑: I think he lives there but I couldn't say for sure. 我想他是住在那里的, 但我不敢肯定. make sure (of sth/that...) (a) find out whether sth is definitely so 把某事物弄清楚; 核实或查明某事物: I think the door's locked, but I'd better go and make sure (it is). 我想门已经锁了, 但我最好还是去查看一下. (b) do sth to ensure that sth happens 设法确保出现某事物: arrangements to make sure that the visit goes well 为使参观得以顺利进行而做的安排. sure of oneself (sometimes derog 有时作贬义) (too) confident of one's own abilities, etc; self-confident (过於)自信: You seem very sure of yourself, young man! 小伙子, 你未免太自信了吧! ,sure `thing (infml esp US) yes; of course 是的; 当然: `Do you want to come too?' `Sure thing!' ‘你也想来吗?’‘当然了!’ to be `sure (fml 文) I cannot deny (that); admittedly 无可否认; 诚然: He is clever, to be sure, but not very hard-working. 他聪明是聪明, 但是不怎麽勤奋.
> sure adv
1 (infml esp US) certainly 的确; 当然: It sure was cold! 确实很冷!
2 (idm 习语) (as) sure as eggs is `eggs, as `fate, as I'm standing `here, etc (infml 口) very certainly 的的确确; 千真万确: He's dead, as sure as eggs is eggs. 他确实死了. ,sure e`nough (used to introduce a statement that confirms a previous prediction, etc 用以表示所说的与预料的相符): I said it would happen, and sure enough it did. 我说过要有这样的事, 果然如此.
sureness n [U] quality of being sure(4,6) 确切性; 真切; 沉稳: a picture that shows the artist's sureness of touch 显示出画家苍劲笔力的一幅画.
# `sure-fire adj [attrib 作定语] certain to happen, be successful, etc 一定会发生﹑ 成功等的: a ,sure-fire suc`cess 必定的胜利 * This is a sure-fire way to get publicity. 这样做就一定能引人注目.
,sure-`footed adj not likely to fall when walking or climbing 脚步稳的; 不会摔倒的. sure-footedly adv. sure-footedness n [U].