/ 5sQmErI; `sQmErI/ n
brief statement of themain points of sth 总结; 摘要; 概要: a two-page summaryof a government report 共两页的政府报告摘要 * Here is a summary of the news/a news summary. 以下是新闻摘要.
(idm 习语) in `summary as a brief statement of the main point(s) 总的说来; 归纳起来: And so I would say, in summary, that the campaign has been a great success. 因此我认为, 总的看来, 这场运动成绩很大.
> summary adj [usu attrib 通常作定语]
1 (sometimes derog 有时作贬义) done or given immediately, without attention to details or formal procedure 即刻作出或给予的(未顾及细节或正常程序): summary justice, punishment, methods 即决裁判﹑ 当场的处罚﹑ 简易的方法 * Such an offence will lead to a summary fine. 这类过错要当场予以罚款.
2 giving the main points only; brief 概括的; 扼要的; 简明的: a summary account of a long debate 对一长时的辩论的概述. summarily / 5sQmErElI; [email protected] sE5merElI; sE`mZrElI/ adv: summarily dismissed 立即开除.
summarize, -ise / 5sQmEraIz; `sQmE9raIz/ v [I, Tn] be or make a summary of (sth) 总结, 概括(某事物): a talk summarizing recent trends in philosophy 概述当前哲学界动态的讲话.