/ swi:t; swit/ n
set of matching pieces of furniture 一套家具: a three-piece suite, eg two armchairs and a sofa 三件一套的家具(如两张单座沙发和一张长沙发) * a dining-room suite, ie a table, chairs, and often a sideboard 一套饭厅用的家具(一张桌子, 几把椅子, 常包括餐具柜).
(a) set of rooms, eg (in a hotel) a bedroom, sitting-room and bathroom 一套房间, 套间(如旅馆的)(包括卧室﹑ 起居室和浴室等): the honeymoon/bridal suite, ie for a honeymoon couple in a hotel 蜜月[新婚]套间(旅馆中专为新婚夫妇设的). (b) (US) apartment; flat 一套公寓.
complete set of objects used together 一套物件: a suite of programs for a computer 计算机的一组程序.
(music 音) piece of music consisting of three or more related parts 组曲(由至少三个相关乐章组成的).
group of people attending an important person, eg a ruler; retinue (一批)随员, 随从, 侍从.