/ sE5dVest; [email protected] sEg5dV-; sE^`dVZst/ v
(a) [Tn, Tn.pr, Tf, Tw, Tg, Cn.n/a] ~ sb (for sth); ~ sb/sth (as sth) put sth/sb forward for consideration 提出某事物[某人]供考虑; 提议; 建议: I suggest a tour of the museum. 我提议去参观博物馆. * Whom would you suggest for the job? 你建议由谁来做这工作? * I wrote suggesting that he should come for the weekend. 我写信请他来度周末. * Can you suggest how we might tackle the problem? 我们怎样处理这问题, 你能给出个主意吗? * He suggested taking the children to the zoo. 他提议带孩子们去动物园. * I suggest Paris as a good place for a honeymoon. 我提议去巴黎, 那是度蜜月的好去处. (b) [Dn.pr, Dpr.f, Dpr.w] ~ sth to sb propose sth to sb 向某人提议某事物: What did you suggest to the manager? 你向经理提了什麽建议? * I suggested to him that we should tackle the problem another way. 我向他建议我们用另一种方式处理这个问题.
[Tn, Tf, Dn.pr, Dpr.f] ~ sth (to sb) put (an idea, etc) into sb's mind 使某人想到(某事物): Which illness do these symptoms suggest (to you)? 这些症状(照你看来)像是什麽病? * His cool response suggested that he didn't like the idea. 他反应冷淡表明他并不喜欢这个主意.
[Tn, Tf] state (sth) indirectly; imply 间接表明(某事物); 暗示; 意味着: `Are you suggesting that I'm not telling the truth?' `I wouldn't suggest such a thing for a moment.' ‘你的意思是不是说我没说实话?’‘我没有那个意思.’
[Tn, Tn.pr] ~ itself (to sb) come into sb's mind; occur to sb 出现在心头; 想到: I tried to think what could have happened, but nothing suggested itself. 我尽力回想到底出了什麽事, 但什麽也想不起来. * An idea suggests itself to me. 我想起一个主意来.
> suggestible / -Ebl; -Ebl/ adj easily influenced易受影响的: I did many stupid things when I was young and suggestible. 我年轻时受外界的影响做过不少傻事.suggestibility / sE9dVestE5bIlEtI; [email protected] sEg9dV-; sEg9dVZstE`bIlEtI/ n [U].
suggestive / -Iv; -Iv/ adj
1 ~ (of sth) putting particular ideas or associations into sb's mind 提示的; 暗示的; 引起联想的: an aroma suggestive of spring flowers 使人想起春天的花朵的一种香气 * a complex, suggestive poem 意蕴很深的﹑ 予人以丰富联想的诗篇.
2 making sb think of improper (esp sexual) things 使人产生邪念(尤指淫乱思想)的: He gave her a suggestive glance, and she blushed. 他用挑逗的目光看了她一眼, 羞得她满脸通红. suggestively adv.