/ sEb5stAnFl; sEb`stAnFEl/ adj
large in amount; considerable 数目大的; 可观的: a substantial improvement, decrease 相当大的改善﹑ 缩减 * Her contribution to the discussion was substantial. 她在讨论中做了很多工作. * obtain a substantial loan 获得大笔贷款.
[usu attrib 通常作定语] solidly or strongly built or made 坚固的; 结实的: a substantial padlock, chair, wall 结实的挂锁﹑ 椅子﹑ 墙壁.
[usu attrib 通常作定语] owning much property; wealthy 有大量财产的; 富有的: a substantial business, company 殷实的商号﹑ 公司 *substantial farmers 富有的农民.
[attrib 作定语] concerningthe most important part of sth; essential 实质的; 大体上的; 基本的: We are in substantial agreement. 我们的意见基本一致.
(fml 文) having physical existence, not merely seen or heard or imagined; real 实际存在的; 实物的; 真实的: Was it something substantial that you saw, or was it a ghost? 你见到的是实物, 还是鬼魂?
> substantially / -FElI; -FElI/ adv
1 considerably; greatly 可观地; 大量地: substantially improved 大为改善 * They contributed substantially to our success. 他们对我们的成功做出了重大贡献.
2 concerning the substance(3) of sth; essentially 实质上; 大体上; 基本上: Your assessment is substantially correct. 你的估计基本正确.