/ 5sQbsIkwEnt; `sQbsI9kwEnt/ adj [attrib 作定语] later; following 後来的; 随後的: Subsequent events proved me wrong. 後来发生的事证明我错了. * The first and all subsequent visits were kept secret. 第一次以及随後的各次访问均严守秘密.
> subsequently adv afterwards 後来; 随後; 接着: They subsequently heard he had left the country. 他们後来听说他已出国.
# subsequent to prep (fml 文) following (sth); after 继(某事物)之後; 在...之後: Subsequent to its success as a play, it was made into a film. 该剧在舞台上获得成功之後, 又摄制成了电影. * He confessed to other crimes subsequent to the bank robbery. 他供认抢劫银行案後, 又坦白了其他罪行.