3 / 5sQbdVIkt; `sQbdVIkt/ adj
[attrib 作定语] under the control of sb else; not politically independent 受人支配的; 政治上不独立的: a subject province 属地 * subject peoples 被统治的民族.
[pred 作表语] ~ to sth/sb obliged to obey sth/sb; under the authority of sth/sb 须服从某事物[某人]; 受某事物[某人]支配: We are subject to the law of the land. 我们须遵守当地的法律. * Peasants used to be subject to the local landowner.农民过去受地主的压迫.
[pred 作表语] ~ to sth often having, suffering or undergoing sth; liable to sth 常有﹑ 常患或常遭某事物; 倾向某事物: Are you subject to colds? 你常患感冒吗? * Trains are subject to delay(s) after the heavy snowfalls. 一下大雪火车就往往误点. * The timetable is subject to alteration. 时刻表有可能更改.
[pred 作表语] ~ to sth depending on sth as a condition 以某事物为条件; 取决於某事物: sold subject to contract, ie provided that a contract is signed 依照合同出售 * The plan is subject to the director's approval. 该计画须经主管批准.