2 / sEb5dVekt; sEb`dVZkt/ v
[Tn, Tn.pr] ~ sb/sth (to sth) bring (a country, etc or a person) under one's control 使(国家等或人)臣服或顺从; 征服; 制伏: Ancient Rome subjected most of Europe (to its rule). 古罗马帝国征服了欧洲大部分.
[Tn.pr] ~ sb/sth to sth cause sb/sth to experience or undergo sth 使某人[某物]经历或遭受某事物: subject sb to criticism, ridicule, abuse, etc 使某人遭批评﹑ 取笑﹑ 辱骂等 * She was repeatedly subjected to torture. 她不断地受到折磨. * As a test the metal was subjected to great heat. 这种金属经过了高温试验.
> subjection / sEb5dVekFn; sEb`dVZkFEn/ n [U] subjecting or being subjected 征服; 制伏; 臣服; 顺从: the country's subjection of its neighbour 该国对邻国的征服 * The people were kept in subjection. 这个民族已沦为附庸.