/ stQn; stQn/ v
[Tn] (-nn-) make (a person or an animal) unconscious by a blow, esp to the head 将(人或动物)打昏(尤指打击头部): The punch stunned me for a moment. 那一拳把我打得昏了一阵. * She sat stunned for a while, until she recovered. 她一时昏迷, 坐下呆了一会才醒过来.
(fig 比喻) (a) [Tn] daze or shock (sb), eg with sth unexpected 使(某人)目瞪口呆或感到震惊: I was stunned by the news of his death. 我得知他的死讯十分震惊. (b) [Tn esp passive 尤用於被动语态] impress(sb) greatly 给(某人)以深刻的印象: stunned by her beauty, cleverness, etc 赞叹她美丽﹑ 聪明等.
> stunner n (infml 口) person, esp a woman, who is very attractive 极有魅力的人(尤指女子).
stunning adj (infml 口) (a) impressive; splendid 了不起的; 出色的: You look stunning in your new suit. 你穿着这套新衣服真漂亮. * What a stunning idea! 多好的主意呀! (b) surprising or shocking 令人惊奇的; 令人震惊的: a stunning revelation 惊人的新发现. stunningly adv.