/ 5stQmbl; `stQmbl/ v [I, Ipr]
~ (over sth) strike one's foot against sth and almost fall 绊脚: stumble and fall 绊倒 * I stumbled over a tree root. 树根绊了我的脚.
~ (over sth); ~ through sth make a mistake or mistakes as one speaks, plays music, etc (说话﹑ 演奏等)出错: She stumbled briefly (over the unfamiliar word) but then continued. 她(碰到不认识的字)愣了一下, 接着又往下念. * The child stumbled through a piece by Chopin. 那孩子演奏萧邦的曲子很不流畅.
(phr v) stumble about, along, around, etc move or walk unsteadily (in the specified direction) (朝某方向)摇摇晃晃地移动或步履蹒跚: A drunk stumbled past us. 有个喝醉的人跌跌撞撞地从我们身边走过. * stumbling around in the dark 在黑暗中瞎闯. =>Usage at shuffle 用法见shuffle. stumble across/on sb/sth find sb/sth unexpectedly or by chance 意外地或偶然地发现某人[某事物]: Police investigating tax fraud stumbledacross a drugs ring. 警方在调查瞒税案件时意外地发现了一个贩毒集团.
> stumble n act of stumbling 绊脚; 出错.
# `stumbling-block n thing that causes difficulty or hesitation; obstacle 造成困难或引起疑虑的事物; 障碍物; 绊脚石: The failure to agree on manning levels is a major stumbling-block to progress in the talks. 人员配备情况未能达成协议是会谈进行中的主要障碍.