2 / 5stQdI; `stQdI/ v (pt, pp studied)
[I, Ipr, It, Tn, Tw] give one's time and attention to learning about (sth), esp by reading, attending a university, etc 学习(某事物)(尤指阅读﹑ 上大学等); 研读; 攻读; 研究: studying (for a degree in) medicine 攻读医科(的学位) * studying to be a doctor 读医科 * It's hard finding time to study (the subject). 很难找出时间来学习(这门学问). * I'm studying how children learn to speak. 我正在研究儿童是如何学说话的.
[Tn, Tn.pr] examine (sth) very carefully 仔细察看(某事物): study the map, menu, programme 细阅地图﹑ 菜单﹑ 节目单 * Scientists are studying the photographs of Mars for signs of life. 科学家在仔细察看火星照片, 看有没有生命的迹象.