1 / 5stQdI; `stQdI/ n
[U] (also studies [pl]) process of gaining knowledge of a subject, esp from books 学习; (尤指)读书; 研究: fond of study 好学 * give all one's spare time to study 把业余时间全用於学习 * My studies show that... 我经研究得出结论... * [attrib 作定语] study time 学习时间.
[C] (a) (book, etc that is the result of an) investigation of a subject 研究; 研究成果; 作为研究成果的着作等: make a study of the country's export trade 研究该国的出口贸易 * publish a study of Locke's philosophy 发表研究洛克哲学思想的论述. (b) (usu pl 通常作复数) subject that is (to be) investigated 研究科目; 学科; 课题: scientific, legal studies 科学方面的﹑ 法律方面的研究课题.
[C] room, esp in sb's home, used for reading and writing 书房(尤指家中的).
[C] (a) drawing, etc done for practice, esp before doing a larger picture (绘画等)习作; (尤指绘制大幅图画之前的)试画. (b) (music 音) composition designed to give a player exercise in technical skills 练习曲.
a study [sing] thing worth observing; unusual sight 值得注意的事物; 不寻常的景象: His face was a study as he listened to their amazing news. 他听到他们那令人吃惊的消息时, 脸上呈现异样的表情.
(idm 习语) in a brown study => brown.