/ 5strQktFE(r); `strQktFL/ n
[U, C] way in which sth is put together, organized, built, etc 结构; 构造: the structure of the human body 人体的构造 * rules of sentence structure 句子的结构规则 * the company's management structure 公司的管理机构 * molecular structure 分子的结构.
[C] anything made of many parts; any complex whole; building 有结构的事物; 复杂的整体; 建筑物: The model is an odd-looking structure of balls and rods. 这个模型是由球和杆组成的结构, 样子很奇特. * The Parthenon is a magnificent structure. 帕台农神庙是一座宏伟的建筑物.
> structure v [Tn] give a structure to (sth); plan or organize 使(某事物)形成结构; 计画; 组织: structure one's day, life, career 安排自己的一天﹑ 生活﹑ 职业 * an intelligently structured essay 结构巧妙的文章.
structural / 5strQktFErEl; `strQktFErEl/ adj [usu attrib通常作定语] of a structure or the framework of a structure 结构(上)的; 构架(上)的: structural alterations to a building, eg removing internal walls to make rooms bigger 建筑物结构上的改变(如拆掉隔墙以加大房间面积). structurally / -ErElI; -ErElI/ adv: The building is structurally sound. 这座建筑物结构很坚固.