/ 5straIkIN; `straIkIN/ adj
(a) attracting attention or interest 引人注意的; 饶有兴趣的: a striking display, effect 饶有兴趣的展示﹑ 显着的效果 * There is a striking contrast between the two interpretations. 这两种解释截然不同. (b) attracting attention because of a good appearance; attractive (因相貌好)惹人注目的; 吸引人的: his striking good looks 他那堂堂仪表 * a very striking young woman 美貌动人的年轻女子.
(of a clock, etc) that strikes (指时钟等)鸣响报时的. > strikingly adv: a strikingly handsome man 极英俊的男子.