/ strIkt; strIkt/ adj (-er, -est)
demanding total obedience or observance (of rules, ways of behaving, etc); severe; not lenient 要求完全服从或遵守的; 严厉的; 严格的: a strict teacher 严师 * a strict upbringing 严格的教养 * a strict rule against smoking 禁止吸烟的严格规定 * She's very strict with her children. 她待子女很严.
(a) clearly and exactly defined; precise 明确的; 严密的; 精确的: in the strict sense of the word 确如该词之义的 * the strict truth 确凿的事实 * a strict understanding, interpretation 明确的了解﹑ 解释. (b) complete; absolute 完全的; 绝对的: give information in strictest confidence/in strict secrecy, ie expecting complete secrecy 极秘密地提供情报.
> strictly adv
1 in a strict manner; completely 严厉地; 严格地; 严密地; 确切地; 完全地; 绝对地: Smoking is strictly prohibited. 严禁吸烟.
2 (idm 习语) strictly speaking if one uses words, applies rules, etc in their exact sense 严格说来: Strictly speaking, he's not qualified for the job. 严格说来, 他没有资格做这份工作.
strictness n [U].