/ stres; strZs/ n
[U, C] (pressure or worry resulting from) mental or physical distress, difficult circumstances, etc 精神上或肉体上的痛苦﹑ 困难的情况等(所造成的压力或忧虑): be under/suffer from stress 在压力下[受到压力] * in times of stress, ie difficulty, trouble, etc 在困难时期 * the stresses and strains of modern life 现代生活的压力和紧张.
[U] ~ (on sth) special emphasis or significance 强调; 重要性: He feels that there is not enough stress on drama at the school.他觉得这所学校对戏剧不够重视. * She lays great stress on punctuality, ie regards it as very important. 她非常强调要遵守时刻.
[C, U] (a) (result of) extra force used in speaking a particular word or syllable 重读; 重音: In `strategic' the stress is/falls on the second syllable. strategic这个字的重音在第二个音节上. * Stress and rhythm are important in speaking English. 说英语时, 重音和节奏是很重要的. * You must learn where to place the stresses.必须掌握在什麽地方重读. Cf 参看 inflection 2, intonation 2. (b) (result of) extra force used when making a sound in music (音乐中声音的)加强, 加强音: Put a stress on the first note in each bar. 每一小节的第一个音符要加强.
[C, U] ~ (on sth) (esp in mechanics) force that acts on a thing or between parts of a thing, and tends to pull or twist it out of shape; tension (尤指力学的)应力: High winds put great stress on the structure. 大风作用於该建筑物上而产生巨大的应力. * [attrib 作定语] a stress fracture of a bone in the leg 腿部的应力性骨折.
> stress v [Tn, Tf] put stress or emphasis on (sth) 着重, 强调(某事物); 重读(某音节); 加强(某音符): You stress the first syllable in `happiness'. happiness一字的第一个音节要重读. * He stressed the point that.... 他强调这一点.... * I must stress that what I say is confidential. 我要强调我说的话是保密的.
stressful / -fl; -fEl/ adj causing stress(1) 有压力的: She finds her new teaching job very stressful. 她觉得新的教学工作非常紧张.
# `stress mark mark (as used in this dictionary) to indicate the stress(3a) on a syllable in a word 重音符号(表示字中某一音节须重读的符号, 如本词典所用的): In the word `sympathetic' / 9sImpE5WetIk; 9sImpE`WZtIk/ the primary stress (`) is on the third syllable, and the secondary stress (,) is on the first syllable. 在sympathetic一字中, 主重音符号(`)是在第三个音节上, 次重音符号(,)在第一个音节上.