/ stri:k; strik/ n ~ (of sth) 1 long thin mark, line or band of a different substance or colour from its surroundings (与整体不同物质或颜色的)条纹, 线条, 斑纹: streaks of grey in her hair 她头发上夹杂着的缕缕白发 * a streak (ie flash) of lightning 一道闪电 * streaks of fat in the meat 这块肉中一层层的膘.
element or trace (in a person's character) (个性中的)些微特点或特徵: a streak of jealousy, vanity, cruelty, etc 几分嫉妒﹑ 虚荣﹑ 残忍等 * have a jealous streak 有点儿嫉妒.
(esp in gambling) period of continuous success or failure (尤指赌博)连赢或连输的一段时间: a streak of good luck 一阵子好运气 * hit (ie have) a winning/losing streak 碰上连赢[]的运气.
(idm 习语) like a streak of lightning => lightning1. a yellow streak => yellow.
> streak v
1 [esp passive 尤用於被动语态: Tn, Tn.pr] ~ sth (with sth) mark sth with streaks 在某物上加条纹: have one's hair streaked 把头发染成一缕缕不同的颜色 * white marble streaked with brown 带褐色条纹的白色大理石.
2 [Ipr, Ip] (infml 口) move very fast (in thespecified direction) 飞快地(向某方向)移动: The children streaked off (down the street) as fast as they could. 孩子们拼命地(沿街)飞跑.
3 [I] run through a public place with no clothes on, in order to shock or amuse people 裸跑(为使人震惊或发笑). streaker n person who streaks (streak v 3) 裸跑的人.
streaky adj (-ier, -iest) marked with, having or full of streaks (加)有(很多)条纹的: streaky bacon, ie with layers of fat and lean in it 五花腌猪肉(肉层肥瘦相间).