/ strR:; strR/ n
[U] cut and dried stalks of grain plants (eg wheat, barley) used as a material for thatching roofs, making hats, mats, etc and as bedding and food for animals (收割後乾燥的)禾秆, 麦秆, 稻草: a stable filled with straw 堆满乾草的马厩 * [attrib 作定语] a straw mattress, ie one filled with straw 草垫.
[C] single stalk or piece of this (一根)禾秆, 麦秆, 稻草: There are a few straws in your hair. 你的头发上有几根稻草.
[C] thin tube of paper or plastic through which a drink is sucked up (纸或塑料制的)饮料吸管: drinking lemonade through a straw 用吸管吸汽水 * A packet of (drinking) straws, please. 请给我一包吸管.
a straw [sing] insignificant thing or amount (used esp in the expressions shown) 微不足道的事物或数量(尤用於以下示例): not care a straw 毫不在乎 * be not worth a straw 毫无价值.
(idm 习语) clutch/grasp at a `straw/`straws try to take some slight chance of escaping or being rescued from sth 抓救命稻草(竭力抓住微小的机会以求逃脱或获救). the last/final straw (that breaks the camel's back) additional event, act, task, etc that makes a situation finally intolerable (事情﹑ 行动﹑ 任务等)使人终於不胜负荷的最後的量.
make bricks without straw => brick. a man of straw => man1. a straw in the `wind slight indication of how things may develop (显示事物动向的)徵兆, 迹象, 苗头.
# `straw-coloured adj light yellow 草黄色的; 浅黄色的.
straw poll (also straw vote) (esp US) unofficial survey of public opinion 非正式的民意调查.