/ 9streIt5fR:wEd; 9stret`fRrwLd/ adj
(of a person, his manner, etc) honest and frank, without evasion (指人﹑ 态度等)诚实的, 坦率的, 老实的, 坦白的: straightforward in one's business dealings 老老实实做生意.
easy to understand or do; without complicationsor difficulties 易懂的; 易做的; 简单的; 不难的: a straightforward examination question 容易回答的试题 * written in straightforward language 用浅易文字写成的 * The procedure is quite straightforward. 手续很简单. > straightforwardly adv: behave, speak straightforwardly 老老实实地做人﹑ 说话. straightforwardness n [U]: She admired his straightforwardness. 她称赞他为人正直.