/ 5stImjUlEs; `stImjElEs/ n (pl -li / -laI; -laI/)~ (to sth/to do sth) 1 thing that produces a reaction in living things 使生物体产生反应之物; 刺激物: The nutrient in the soil acts as a stimulus to growth/to make the plants grow. 土壤中的养分能促进植物生长. * Does the child respond to auditory stimuli? ie Does he react to the sounds around him? 那孩子对声音有反应吗?
(fml 文) thing that encourages or excites sb/sth to activity, greater effort, etc 起鼓舞或激励作用的事物; 促进因素: the stimulus of fierce competition 引起激烈竞争的事物 * Her words of praise were a stimulus to work harder. 她赞扬的话鼓舞人工作更努力.