/ 5stImjUleIt; `stImjE9let/ v
[Tn, Tn.pr, Cn.t] ~ sb/sth (to sth) make sb/sth more active or alert; arouse sb/sth 使某人[某事物]奋发起来; 刺激﹑ 激励某人[某事物]: Praise always stimulates him to further efforts/to make greater efforts. 一表扬他就能激励他更加努力. * The exhibition stimulated interest in the artist's work. 这次展览引起人们对这位艺术家的作品的兴趣.
[Tn, Cn.t] cause (sth) to work or function 促使(某事物)发挥作用: a hormone that stimulates ovulation 促进排卵的激素.
[Tn] arouse the interest and excitement of (sb) 激发(某人)的兴趣和热情: a low level of conversation that failed to stimulate me 不能引起我兴趣的程度很低的会话.
> stimulating adj (a) tending to stimulate; arousing 刺激性的; 起激励作用的: the stimulating effect of coffee 咖啡的提神作用. (b) interesting or exciting 饶有兴味的; 使人兴奋的: a stimulating discussion 使人感兴趣的讨论 * I find his work very stimulating. 我觉得他的作品引人入胜.
stimulation / 9stImjU5leIFn; 9stImjE`leFEn/ n [U]: a working atmosphere lacking in stimulation 死气沉沉的工作环境.