1 / stIE(r); stIr/ v
(a) [I, Ipr, Tn, Tn.pr] direct or control the course of (a boat, car, etc) 操纵(船﹑ 汽车等)的行驶方向; 驾驶: You steer and I'll push. 你来掌方向盘, 我来推. * steer by the stars 参照星星的方位来驾驶 * steer a boat into (the) harbour 把船驶进港 * (fig 比喻) He managed to steer the discussion away from the subject of money. 他设法把讨论内容从钱的话题上岔开了. * (fig 比喻) She steered me towards a table in the corner. 她要我到角落里的一张桌子那儿. (b) [I] (of a boat, car, etc) be able to be steered (指船﹑ 汽车等)可驾驶: a car that steers well on corners 转弯灵活的汽车.
[Tn] follow or keep to (a course) 向(某方向)行驶: keep steering north/a northerly course 向北行驶.
(idm 习语) keep/stay/steer clear => clear2.
> steerer / 5stIErE(r); `stIrL/ n person who steers 驾驶者; 掌舵的人; 舵手.
steering / 5stIErIN; `stIrIN/ n [U] equipment or mechanismfor steering a car, boat, etc (汽车﹑ 船等的)转向装置, 操舵装置: power steering 动力转向装置 * There is something wrong with the steering. 转向装置出毛病了.
steersman / -zmEn; -zmEn/ n (pl -men / -mEn; -mEn/) person who steers a boat, ship, etc 掌舵的人; 舵手. Cf 参看 helmsman (helm).
# `steering-column n column-shaped part of a car, etc on which the steering-wheel is fitted 转向柱.
`steering committee committee that decides the order of certain business activities and guides their general course 程序委员会.
`steering lock mechanism in a vehicle's steering-column that allows the steering-wheel to be locked in a fixed position to prevent anyone stealing the vehicle 防盗方向盘锁.
`steering-wheel n wheel for controlling the steering in a car, ship, etc 方向盘; 舵轮. =>illus at App 1 见附录1插图, page xii.