2 / sti:p; stip/ v
[esp passive 尤用於被动语态: Tn, Tn.pr] ~ sth (in sth) soak sth thoroughly in liquid (esp in order to soften, clean or flavour it) 浸泡某物(尤指为使之软﹑ 清洁或增味): fruit steeped in brandy 泡在白兰地中的水果 * steep onions in vinegar, ie to pickle them 把洋葱腌泡在醋里.
(phr v) steep sb/oneself/sth in sth (esp passive 尤用於被动语态) pervade or fill sth thoroughly with sth; give oneself/sb a thorough knowledge of sth 使某事物弥漫或充满某事物; 使自己[某人]精通某事物: steeped in ignorance/prejudice 极为无知[充满偏见] * a city steeped in history 历史悠久的城市 * He steeped himself in the literature of ancient Greece and Rome. 他精通古希腊和古罗马文学.