/ 5stAtFu:t; `stAtFut/ n [C]
law passed by Parliament or a similar law-making body and written down formally 成文法; 法规; 法令: decreed by statute 按照法规限定的.
any of the rules of an institution 条例; 规则; 章程: under the University's statutes 根据该大学的章程.
> statutory / 5stAtFUtrI; [email protected] -tR:rI; `stAtFJ9tRrI/ adj[usu attrib 通常作定语] fixed, done or required by statute 法定的; 依法完成的; 法规要求的; 章程规定的: one's statutory rights 自己享有的法定权利 * statutory control of prices and incomes 物价与收入的法定管制. statutorily adv.
# `statute-book n collection of all the laws made by a government; book(s) in which these are recorded 成文法典; 法令全书; 法规汇编: not on the statute book, ie not included in statute law 成文法中没有规定的.
`statute law all the statutes as a group 成文法. Cf 参看 case-law (case1), common law (common1).