1 / steIt; stet/ n
[C] condition in which a person or thing is (in circumstances, appearance, mind, health, etc); quality of circumstances, characteristics, etc 状态; 状况; 情况; 情形: The house was in a dirty state. 那房子很脏. * These buildings are in a bad state of repair, ie need to be repaired. 这些建筑物亟待修葺. * a confused state of mind 缭乱的心绪 * a poor state of health 健康欠佳 * in a state of undress, ie naked 赤身露体 * not in a fit state to drive 不适宜开车的身心状态 * a state of emergency, eg declared by a government because of war, natural disaster, etc 紧急状态(如政府宣布的) * She was in a terrible state (ie very upset, agitated, etc) when we arrived. 我们抵达时, 她情绪很不好.
(also State)[C] country considered as an organized political communitycontrolled by one government; territory occupied by this 国; 国家; 领土: the State of Israel 以色列国 * modern European states 现代的欧洲国家. =>Usage at country 用法见country.
(also State) [C] organized political community forming part of a country that is a federation or republic (联邦或共和国的)州, 邦: How many States are there in the United States of America? 美国有多少州? * Which state where you born in? 你是在哪个州出生的? Cf 参看 county, province 1.
(esp 尤作 the State)[U] civil government of a country 政府; 国家: matters/affairs of state 国家大事[事务] * Church and State 教会和政府 * railways run by the state/state-run railways 国营铁路 * Many believe the State should provide schools, homes and hospitals for everyone. 许多人认为国家应该为全民提供学校教育﹑ 住房以及医疗服务.
[U] ceremonial formality connected with high levels of government; pomp 国家级的礼仪; 盛观: The Queen was in her robes of state. 女王穿着御礼袍. * The President was driven in state through the streets. 总统在盛大的仪式中乘车从街上通过.
the States [pl] (infml 口) the United States of America 美国: I've never been to the States. 我从来没去过美国.
(idm 习语) in/into a `state (infml 口) (a) in/into an excited or agitated state of mind 处於[陷入]激动或焦躁的情绪中: She got herself into a state about the exams. 她对这次考试心里很慌. * He was in a real state when I last saw him. 我上次见到他时, 他很激动. (b) dirty, neglected, untidy, etc (according to the context) 肮脏的, 没有妥善照管的, 凌乱的(视上下文而定): What a state this place is in! 这地方真乱哪! in a state of `nature (fml or joc 文或谑) completely naked 赤身露体; 一丝不挂. lie in state => lie2. a state of af`fairs circumstances or conditions; situation 情况; 局势: What a shocking state of affairs! 局势真惊人哪! the state of `play (a) score (esp in cricket) 分数(尤指板球运动中的). (b) how opposite sides in a dispute stand in relation to one another 争论中各方的对立情况: What is the latest state of play in the disarmament talks? 裁军谈判的最新情况怎麽样?
> state (also State) adj [attrib 作定语]
1 of, for or concerned with the State(4) 政府的; 国家的; 关於国家的: state `railways 国营铁路 * `state schools, ie free schoolsrun by public authorities 国立学校 * state `secrets 国家机密 * State Socialism advocates state control of industry. 国家社会主义主张工业应由国家管理.
2 of, for or involving ceremony; used or done on ceremonial occasions 礼仪的; 礼仪上的; 礼节性的: a state occasion 国家的礼仪场合 * the state apartments 国家举行仪式用的厅堂 * a state visit, eg by a monarch to another country 国事访问 * the state opening of Parliament 议会的隆重开幕式.
stateless adj (of a person) not recognized as a citizen of any country; having no citizenship (指人)无国籍的, 无公民身分的. statelessness n [U].
# `statecraft n [U] skill in managing State affairs; statesmanship 治国才能; 政治才智.
the `State Department the US government departmentof foreign affairs (美国的)国务院.
,State Enrolled `Nurse (abbr 缩写 SEN) (Brit) (title of a) person who has trained as a nurse and passed examinations that allow her or him to practise most areas of nursing (lower in rank than a State Registered Nurse) 国家登记护士(低於国家注册护士).
,state of the `art current state of development of a subject, technique, etc (学科﹑ 技术等的)当前发展状况: [attrib 作定语] a state-of-the-art computer program, ie the most advanced one available 最先进的计算机程序.
,State Registered `Nurse (abbr 缩写 SRN) (Brit) (title of a) person who has trained fully as a nurse and passed examinations that allow her or him to practise all areas of nursing 国家注册护士.
`stateroom n 1 apartment used by royalty, important government members, etc 王室或政府要人的宅邸. 2 private cabin or sleeping compartment on a ship (轮船的)特等客舱.
,State's `evidence (idm 习语) ,turn State's `evidence(US) = turn King's/Queen's evidence (evidence).
`stateside adj, adv (US infml 口) of, in or towards the US 美国的; 在美国; 向美国.
`statewide adj, adv (US) throughout a state(2, 3) 全国(的).