/ stAk; stAk/ n
circular or rectangular pile of hay, straw, grain, etc, usu with a sloping top for storage in the open; rick (乾草﹑ 麦秆﹑ 谷物等的)堆, 垛(通常为斜顶, 便於露天贮存): a haystack 乾草垛.
pile or heap, usu neatly arranged 堆, 摞(通常指堆放得整齐的): a wood stack 木材堆 * a stack of newspapers 一摞报纸 * They put the rifles into a stack. 他们把步枪架在一起.
(esp pl 尤作复数) ~ of sth (infml 口) large number or quantity 大量; 一大堆: stacks of money 大量的钞票 * I've got stacks of work to do. 我有一大堆工作要做. * There's a whole stack of bills waiting to be paid. 有一大堆帐要付呢.
(a) tall chimney (esp on a factory) or funnel (on a ship) for carrying away smoke 大烟筒(尤指工厂的); (船上的)烟囱. (b) group of chimneys standing together 烟囱群.
(often pl 常作复数) rack with shelves for books in a library or bookshop (图书馆或书店的)书架.
number of aircraft circling at different heights while waiting for instructions to land at an airport 分层盘旋的待降机群.
(idm 习语) blow one's stack => blow1.
> stack v
1 [Tn, Tn.pr, Tn.p] ~ sth (up) make sth into a stack or stacks; pile sth up 将某物堆起或摞起: Please stack your chairs before you leave. 走之前请把椅子摞在一起. * stack logs (into piles) 把原木堆起来 * stack (up) the dishes on the draining-board 把碗盘摞起放在滴水板上.
2 [Tn, Tn.pr] ~ sth (with sth) put heaps or piles of things on or in (a place) 把某物堆放於(某处): The whole garden was stacked with bricks. 园子里堆满了砖.
3 [Tn, Tn.pr] ~ sth (against sb) arrange (playing-cards) unfairly 洗(纸牌)时作弊: (US) stack the deck, ie arrange a whole pack of cards in this way 洗牌时做手脚.
4 (a) [I, Ip] ~ (up) (of an aircraft) fly in a stack(6) while waiting to land (指飞行器)定高盘旋(以等待降落). (b) [Tn, Tn.p] ~ sth (up) make (aircraft) fly in a stack; arrange (aircraft) in a stack 使(飞行器)分层盘旋待降; 指示(飞行器)分层盘旋待降.
5 (idm 习语) have the cards/odds stacked a`gainst one be at a disadvantage or in a difficult situation, so that one seems unlikely to succeed 处於不利的地位或困境(因而难以成功).
6 (phr v) stack up (against sth) (US infml 口) compare (with sth); measure up (to sth) 能(与某事物)相比; 比得上(某事物): How well do you think this washing powder stacks up against your usual brand? 这种洗衣粉跟你常用的那种比怎麽样?