2 / 5steIbl; `stebl/ n
building in which a horse or horses are kept and fed 马厩: [attrib 作定语] a stable door 马厩的门.
(often pl with sing meaning and sometimes sing v 常作复数, 但词义为单数, 有时动词亦用单数) establishment that specializes in keeping horses for a particular purpose; the horses kept in this 专用马房; 专用马房中的马: Is there a riding stables near here?附近有专供骑用马的马房吗? * He owns a racing stable(s),ie a group of racehorses and the buildings they are kept in. 他是马房主.
(fig 比喻) place such as an athletics club, a school, a theatre, etc where a number of people have been trained in the same way 训练基地; 培训处; 学校: actors from the same stable 在同一处受训的演员.
(idm 习语) lock, etc the stable door after the horse has bolted try to prevent or avoid loss, damage, etc when it is already too late 亡马锁厩, 为时已晚; 贼去关门.
> stable v [Tn] put or keep (a horse) in a stable 将(马)置於厩中: Where do you stable your pony? 你那匹矮种马养在哪儿?
stabling / 5steIblIN; `steblIN/ n [U] accommodation for horses 马厩设备: The house has stabling for 20 horses. 这所房子有可容纳20匹马的设备.
# `stable-boy (also `stable-lad) n (usu young) person (of either sex) who works in a stable (通常指年少的)马夫(男性或女性); 小马倌儿.