/ sfIE(r); sfIr/ n
(a) solid figure that is entirely round (ie with every point on the surface at an equal distance from the centre) 球体; 球形. =>illus at cube 见cube插图. (b) any object having approximately this shape (eg a ball, a globe) 球状物.
(a) range or extent (of sb's interests, activity, influence, etc) (某人的兴趣﹑ 活动﹑ 影响等的)范围: a sphere of influence, eg area over which a country, etc claims certain rights 势力范围(如一国的) * Her sphere of interests is very limited. 她的爱好很有限. (b) group in society; person's place in society 社会阶层; 社会地位: It took him completely out of his sphere. 这件事完全超出了他的生活范围了. * distinguished in many different spheres, eg in artistic, literary and political circles 在许多领域出众(如艺术﹑ 文学﹑ 政治等方面).
> spherical / 5sferIkl; `sfZrIkl/ adj shaped like a sphere 球形的; 球状的; 球面的: a spherical object 球状的物体.
spheroid / 5sfIErRId; `sfIrRId/ n solid object that is almost, but not perfectly, spherical 扁球体; 椭形球.