3 / spel; spZl/ v (pt, pp spelled / speld; spZld/ or spelt / spelt; spZlt/) =>Usage at dream2 用法见dream2.
(a) [Tn, Tn.pr, Cn.n] name or write letters of (a word) in their correct order (用字母)拼(某字); 拼写: How do you spell your name? 你的名字怎麽拼写? * That word is spelt with a PH, not an F. 那个字里的f音拼作PH而不是F. * You spell his name P-A-U-L. 他的名字拼作P-A-U-L. (b) [I, Tn] put the letters of (words) together in the correct or accepted order 正确地拼(字): These children can't spell. 这些孩子不会拼字. * Why don't you learn to spell my name (correctly)? 你怎麽不花点工夫把我的名字拼对呢?
[Tn] (of letters) form (words) when put together in a particular order (指字母)拼成(字): C-A-T spells cat. C-A-T拼成cat.
[Tn] have (sth) as a result; mean 招致(某事物); 意味着: The failure of their crops spelt disaster for the peasant farmers. 作物歉收农民就要受灾.
(phr v) spell sth out (a) say aloud or write the letters of (a word) in their correct order 拼出(某字): Could you spell that word out for me again? 那个字你再拼一遍好吗? (b) make sth clear and easy to understand; explain sth in detail 讲清楚某事; 详细解释某事: My instructions seem simple enough do I have to spell them out again? 我的要求算是够明白的了--还要我再讲清楚吗? * She's so stupid that you have to spell everything out. 她笨极了, 什麽事都要给她解释得明明白白.
> speller n person who spells (usu in the way indicated by the adj) 拼字者(通常有形容词修饰): She's a good/poor speller. 她拼字的功底很好[].
spelling n
1 [U] (a) ability of a person to spell 拼写的能力: His spelling is terrible. 他的拼字功底极差. * [attrib 作定语] They were given a spelling test. 对他们进行了拼写测验. (b) action or process of forming words correctlyfrom letters 拼写.
2 [C] way a word is spelt 拼法: Which is the better spelling: Tokio or Tokyo? Tokio和Tokyo哪种拼法好呢? * English and American spelling(s) 英式拼法和美式拼法.